In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are 7 ways to love your home again!


1. Choose 10 things and donate, sell, repurpose or throw them away. It’s easy for stuff to pile up but if you grab a bag and walk through the house it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find 10 things that you either don’t love, don’t use or is broken and not worth repairing.


2. Clean room by room. Choose a room and really clean it. Clean everything from light fixtures, tops of doors and baseboards to light switches, furniture, floors and everything in between. The elbow grease will pay off with a sparkling and healthier home.


3. Light it up. Replace burned out bulbs and clean your light fixtures including the bulbs which tend to collect a lot of dust. Rooms feel larger and have better ambience with clean, working and layered light sources.


4. Rearrange and rotate. Whether you wish to go big or small, rearranging furniture or simply rearranging the decor items in a room, will offer a new and fresh esthetic. Rotate your home decor and accessories to change the palette of a room. It’s not necessary to display all your belongings all the time. Storing extra decor items allows for a rotation when it’s time to refresh a space.


5. Add a plant or flowers. Fresh flowers, a small herb plant growing in the kitchen or grouping succulents in a sunny space can breath life into your home. Check out these tips for arranging and caring for plants so they look their best in your home.


6. Put that collection on display. Whether you have a collection of comic books, album covers, sports memorabilia, vintage dishware or glassware, typewriters, bottles or anything in between, there is a stylish way to put it on display. Here are 31 incredibly creative ways to display your collection and make an artful statement in your home.


7. Scents. Tackle the obvious foul odours such as trash cans, garbarator, litter boxes, pet beds, shoes, expired food and bring in the fresh. Eliminate the bad odours and introduce the good with these tips for an amazing smelling home.

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