Skating frozen lakes and ponds in the Canadian Rockies may be enjoyed through the winter and is certainly a magical moment. Skating the lakes and ponds on frozen, turquoise glass with mountain views reflected on its pristine surface, gliding over bubbles and fissures solidified in ice in stunning patterns, is truly a spectacular bucket list experience! A prolonged cold snap with no snowfall or heavy wind that has blown the frozen surfaces clear, creates the perfect conditions to experience an outdoor winter activity unlike any other. The window of opportunity is open only for so long and usually occurs at the beginning of the winter season although the conditions may come about again under the right recipe from Mother Nature. Lake Louise, Vermillion Lakes and Lake Minnewanka are some of the most accessible lakes to enjoy this truly mountain experience. Regardless of where you decide to glide, take the necessary precautions including measuring the ice thickness and bringing safety gear such as life jackets, dry suits, ropes and hooks should you break through the ice. Happy skating!